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DL-Lite is one of the most important tractable fragment of DLs that provides a powerful framework to compactly encode available knowledge with a low computational complexity of the reasoning process. In semantic web area, merging different and often conflicting sources of information, has been recognized as an important problem. Pieces of information to be(More)
The most of recent temporal planners are not able to manage resources or gives very poor results in temporal planning even with and without resources. For this reason, we try in this paper to give modifications in a powerful optimal temporal planner called CPT (that initially cannot manage resources) to give it the capacity to consider both consumable and(More)
ITIL is a large collection of best practices, tools and methods used in the management and handling of IT services. It's composed of five books related to the most important IT management fields. In this paper, we will place the emphasis on the Service Operation field in ITIL and more precisely, on the incident management process used for managing the life(More)
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