Zide Meng

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A Hadoop MapReduce cluster is an environment where multi-users, multi-jobs and multi-tasks share the same physical resources. Because of the competitive relationship among the jobs, we need to select the most suitable job to be sent to the cluster. In this paper we consider this problem as a two-level scheduling problem based on a detailed cost model. Then(More)
—More and more Internet companies rely on large scale data analysis as part of their core services for tasks such as log analysis, feature extraction or data filtering. Map-Reduce, through its Hadoop implementation, has proved to be an efficient model for dealing with such data. One important challenge when performing such analysis is to predict the(More)
In many social networks, people interact based on their interests. Community detection algorithms are then useful to reveal the sub-structures of a network and in particular interest groups. Identifying these users’ communities and the interests that bind them can help us assist their life-cycle. Certain kinds of online communities such as(More)
In this paper, we describe the QASM (Question & Answer Social Media) system based on social network analysis to manage the two main resources in CQA sites: users and contents. We first present the QASM vocabulary used to formalize both the level of interest and the expertise of users on topics. Then we present our method to extract this knowledge from CQA(More)
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