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Reversible logic has attracted significance attention in recent years, leading to different approaches such as synthesis, optimization, simulation and verification. In this paper, we propose the design and optimization of n-bit reversible binary comparator. The circuit for MSB and one-bit comparator cell using NOT, PG and CNOT gates are designed. The n-bit(More)
The algorithm and its implementation of the leading zero anticipation (LZA) are very vital for the performance of a high-speed floating-point adder in today’s state of art microprocessor design. Unfortunately, in predicting “shift amount” by a conventional LZA design, the result could be off by one position. This paper presents a novel parallel error(More)
Godson-3B1500 is an 8-core microprocessor product of Loongson Technology. It is fabricated in 32nm 10 Cu-layer high-κ metal-gate (HKMG) low-power bulk CMOS, and contains 1.14 billion transistors within 182.5mm die area. Through numerous design improvements, Godson-3B1500 is able to support a wide voltage range from 1.0V to 1.3V, at frequencies ranging from(More)
Scan chain structure consumes 10%~30% of die area, and most yield loss is caused by scan chain faults. This makes scan chain diagnosis be the key important method to ensure the high-quality products. The conventional scan chain diagnosis techniques usually conduct to a large range of suspect faulty flip flops. The failure analysis of those suspect faulty(More)