Zichen Liu

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Due to the cooperation diversity, Coordinated MultiPoint (CoMP) transmission may potentially improve energy efficiency of cellular networks. The main purpose of this paper is to analyze this potential. By employing CoMP, there are two schemes to improve energy efficiency; one is to decrease the transmission power of base stations (CDTP) without changing(More)
The cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase (PDE) plays an important role in regulating the levels of second messenger molecules cAMP and cGMP. Various PDE inhibitors have been successfully developed into drugs for targeted diseases. In addition, PDE inhibitors can also be found in different foods and natural medicines. In this study, ultrafiltration liquid(More)
In this paper, the complementary ring type metamaterial unit is theoretically analyzed by using the spectral domain approach. A terahertz bandpass filter is designed, which consists of triple-layer complementary ring metamaterial. The center frequency of the filter is 338GHz, the transmission rate in pass band reaches 97%, the maximum insertion loss in pass(More)
M × N wavelength selective switch (WSS) is a core component to address wavelength conflict in an optical switching node. In this paper, we design and experimentally demonstrate a performance enhanced 3 × 4 tunable bandwidth WSS (TBWSS) with tunable attenuation across the full C-band, and using compact spatial light paths. Wavelength channels from any input(More)
To achieve high efficiency in human resource management, University Human Resource Management Information System (UHRMIS in short) requires hierarchical architecture, clearly defined modules and effective cooperation of multiple users. So this paper presents Improved Role Based Access Control model (IRBAC model in short), a new access control model and the(More)
Cellular relay networks prove to be a cost-effective approach that offers significant performance benefits in coverage extension, cell-edge throughput enhancement and increased spectral efficiency. Radio resource management for cellular relay networks, where the network topology is highly dynamic, is particularly challenging. The highly dynamic topology may(More)
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