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Simulation of drug release from biodegradable polymeric microspheres with bulk and surface erosions.
New models are developed to account for the kinetics of drug release from porous, biodegradable polymeric microspheres under the schemes of bulk erosion and surface erosion of the polymer matrix,Expand
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Detection of microRNAs using electrocatalytic nanoparticle tags.
An ultrasensitive microRNA (miRNA) assay employing electrocatalytic nanoparticle tags to meet the need of miRNA expression analysis is described in this report. The assay utilizes an indium tin oxideExpand
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Aerosol assisted synthesis of hierarchical tin–carbon composites and their application as lithium battery anode materials
We report a method for synthesizing hierarchically structured tin–carbon (Sn–C) composites via aerosol spray pyrolysis. In this method, an aqueous precursor solution containing tin(II) chloride andExpand
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Mesoporous silicon@carbon composites via nanoparticle-seeded dispersion polymerization and their application as lithium-ion battery anode materials
Significant efforts have been devoted to synthesis and characterization of engineered silicon nanostructures able to withstand the large stresses and strains produced by lithium alloying/dealloyingExpand
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Toward Understanding Drug Release From Biodegradable Polymer Microspheres of Different Erosion Kinetics Modes.
Two generalized modes of erosion kinetics, that is, the power law mode and root type mode, respectively, were found to be able to better describe the reported weight loss data compared to theExpand
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An ultrasensitive protein array based on electrochemical enzyme immunoassay.
An ultrasensitive electrochemical enzyme immunoassay (EEIA) for the detection of proteins on an 8x8 array is described. The assay is based on wired enzyme technology. Briefly, capture antibody wasExpand
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Synthesis and magnetism property of manganese ferrite MnFe2O4 by selective reduction and oxidization roasting process
Abstract A selective reduction followed by an oxidization roasting process has been reported as an effective route to synthetize spinel manganese ferrite (MnFe2O4). In the current work, during theExpand
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