Zibing Jin

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Human adipose tissue-derived stem cells (ADSCs) are an attractive multipotent stem cell source with therapeutic applicability across diverse fields for the repair and regeneration of acute and chronically damaged tissues. In recent years, there has been increasing interest in ADSC for tissue engineering applications. However, the mechanisms underlying the(More)
O1 Changes in peripheral refraction associated with decreased ocular axial growth rate in marmosets Purpose To assess the peripheral refractive changes that occur when eye growth decelerates in marmosets. Methods We measured peripheral refraction and on-axis vitreous chamber depth on a total of 53 marmosets; 36 treated monocularly for 12 weeks 9 hrs/day (26(More)
Gene targeting is a critical tool for construction of disease models. However, the application of traditional homologous recombination-mediated gene knockout technology is limited by the absence of rapid frequency-guaranteed targeting methods. Although conventional small hairpin RNA (shRNA)-mediated gene silencing offers an alternative for gene targeting,(More)
  • L Xue, Z Jin
  • 1998
OBJECTIVE To study peroxidative adaptive response of eukaryocyte and its mechanisms. METHODS Chinese hamster fibroblast cells (CHL) pretreated with low concentration of hydrogenperoxide (H2O2) were retreated by the following high concentration of H2O2. Cellular viability (MTT method) and DNA strand break (FADU method), as adaptive-acting indicators were(More)
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