Zibing Deng

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Exposure to ambient air pollution has been clearly linked to adverse reproductive outcome and fecundation index, but its effects on male semen quality are still uncertain. In this study, we reviewed information from ten studies to get the qualitative evidence of the influence of the ambient air pollution on sperm quality and collected data from six of the(More)
This paper presents the way to realize the analysis system of vehicle impact based on dynamic image sequence, and discusses some key technologies: import the method of image recovering based on atmospheric physical model to reduce the effect on image quality made by atmosphere; present the amalgamation method of background subtraction and temporal(More)
Attributable risk is an important indicator for planning and evaluating public health interventions. However, most current measures of the attributable risk of air pollutants have not considered temporal relationships between exposure and risk. More importantly, limited information is available regarding the attributable risk due to ambient air pollutants(More)
A composite camera calibration method is presented, in which step-by-step calibration based on coplanar targets is taken in the process of determining the extrinsic and intrinsic parameters of camera and the least squares method is taken for solving radial distortion parameters and further iterative optimization. Moreover among the identification of(More)
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