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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Sperm morphology analysis (SMA) is an important factor in the diagnosis of human male infertility. This study presents an automatic algorithm for sperm morphology analysis (to detect malformation) using images of human sperm cells. METHODS The SMA method was used to detect and analyze different parts of the human sperm. First of(More)
Background: Infertility is a multifactorial disorder with genetic and non-genomic factors. It is estimated that female infertility factors accounts for more than 40%. Estrogen is one of the effective hormons in fertility. Its crucial actions on target tissues are mediated via binding to estrogen receptors(ESR). The ESR1 gene is located on chromosome 6q25.1(More)
BACKGROUND Abnormal oocyte morphology has been associated with the hormonal environment to which the gametes are exposed. OBJECTIVE In this study, we evaluated the oocytes morphology, fertilization rate, embryos quality, and implantation rate resulted of retrieved oocytes in different times after human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG) administration. (More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the association between serum 25 - hydroxy vitamin D concentration and anthropometric indices in patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). MATERIALS AND METHODS This is a descriptive cross - sectional study which was carried out on women with PCOS aged 19-39 years old referred to an infertility clinic of Alzahra Hospital,(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity is an independent risk factor of preeclampsia with unknown mechanism and hyperlipidemia might be a probable case of it. OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to determine the role of hyper-triglyceridemi in association with high prepregnancy body mass index and the risk of preeclampsia. MATERIALS AND METHODS The authors conducted(More)
BACKGROUND Tacrolimus is the main immunosuppressive agent in many kidney transplant protocols with an initial recommended daily dose of 0.2 mg/kg of ideal body weight (IBW). However, due to the high inter- and intra-patient variability in its pharmacokinetics, the required tacrolimus doses may differ markedly from patient to patient. OBJECTIVE To assess(More)
Endometriosis is a multifactorial gynecological condition characterized by the presence of ectopic endometrial and stromal tissue outside the uterus. Free radicals and Oxidative stress have been proposed to be involved in the pathogenesis of the endometriosis. It has been shown that mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is particularly susceptible to oxidative damage(More)
BACKGROUND Vaginal bleeding is a common complication during pregnancy, which is observed in about 1/4 of pregnancies and in half of cases can lead to abortion. If vaginal bleeding happens during pregnancy some adverse pregnancy outcomes, including perinatal mortality and morbidity, low birth weight and preterm delivery will be increased. OBJECTIVE The aim(More)
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