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Conventional pessimistic architectures used in database systems may not suit mobile environments. These architectures require considerable computing power in addition to a permanent connection status. Unfortunately, even tough mobile devices are evolving in computing and communications capabilities, they can not bear such requirements. In the meantime,(More)
BACKGROUND Most coronary artery anomalies are congenital in origin. This study angiographically determined the prevalence of different forms of anomalous aortic origins of coronary anomalies and their anatomic variation in a selected adult Lebanese population. Correlation between these anomalies and stenotic coronary atherosclerotic disease was also(More)
  • Z. Itani, R. Neveling
  • 2007
H. J. ARNDT-Kiel (Schlul~wort): Zu Prof. Mff~r162 Ich habe deswegen in meinem Vortrag auf die Symptomatik und die GefKhrlichkeit der akuten Epiglottitis bei Kindern hingewiesen, weil nach unserer Erfahrung die Diagnose oft zu spKt oder gar nicht gestellt wird. Zu tterrn FLoe1(: Ich habe keine Erfahrungen mit der Pinsclung mit PrivinKinetin-LSsung. In den(More)