Ziad Hunaiti

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This work presents a new efficient positioning module that operates over client-server LBS architectures. The aim of the proposed module is to fulfil the position information requirements for LBS pedestrian applications by ensuring the availability of reliable, highly accurate and precise position solutions based on GPS single frequency (L1) positioning(More)
Pedestrians LBS are accessible by hand-held devices and become a large field of energetic research since the recent developments in wireless communication, mobile technologies and positioning techniques. LBS applications provide services like finding the neighboring facility within a certain area such as the closest restaurants, hospital, or public(More)
The initiatives to bridge the divide have been hindered by a number of factors, but mostly by infrastructural and cost demands of the current technology used. Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) comes at a time when the need to communicate is at its highest. Designed to provide throughput similar to that of wired networks, WiMAX wireless(More)
Typical Location Based Services (LBS) system is compound of a mobile device with positioning capability connected to a LBS service provider via wireless network. Thus, the efficiency of LBS System depends on each sub-element composing its architecture. One of the most important factors affecting LBS efficiency is the volume of data streamed from the server(More)