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In this paper we proposed a novel multimodal biometric approach using iris and periocular biometrics to improve the performance of iris recognition in case of non-ideal iris images. Though iris recognition has the highest accuracy among all the available biometrics, still the noises at the image acquisition stage degrade the recognition accuracy. The(More)
The term eGovernment is widely used by many individuals, academic institutions, and professional bodies, governmental and private agencies. It has become an agreed neologism despite the fact that till now there has not been a universal understanding about the concept behind the term "eGovernment". We firmly believe that awareness about a concept originates(More)
Legacy SCADA systems are inherently insecure. They were built using specialized and proprietary protocols and used serial link, radio or leased line for communication. As these protocols were little known and specific to the industry they catered to, security was not important for them. But, recently because of increased terrorist attacks and migration of(More)
Security of SCADA (supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) has become a challenging issue today because of its connectivity with the outside world and remote access to the system. One major challenge in the SCADA systems is securing the data over the communication channel. PKI (public key infrastructure) is a well known framework for securing the(More)
Voiceprint Recognition System also known as a Speaker Recognition System (SRS) is the best-known commercialized forms of voice Biometrics. Automated speaker recognition is the computing task of validating a user's claimed identity using characteristics extracted from their voices. In contrast to other biometric technologies which are mostly image based and(More)
Recently periocular biometrics has drawn lot of attention of researchers and some efforts have been presented in the literature. In this paper, we propose a novel and robust approach for periocular recognition. In the approach face is detected in still face images which is then aligned and normalized. We utilized entire strip containing both the eyes as(More)
Iris recognition is seen as a highly reliable biometric technology. The performance of iris recognition is severely impacted when encountering poor quality images. The selection of the features subset and the classification is an important issue for iris biometrics. Here, we explored the contribution of collarette region in identifying a person. We applied(More)
Poor-quality images mostly result in spurious or missing features, which further degrade the overall performance of fingerprint recognition systems. This paper proposes a reconfigurable scheme of quality checks at two different levels: i) at raw image level and ii) at feature level. At first level, ellipse properties are calculated through analysis of(More)