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An efficient and distributed file search in unstructured peer-to-peer networks
The Improved Adaptive Probabilistic Search (IAPS) algorithm is proposed that is fully distributed and bandwidth efficient and uses ant-colony optimization and takes file types into consideration in order to search for file container nodes with a high probability of success.
Region Directed Diffusion in Sensor Network Using Learning Automata: RDDLA
The proposed algorithm called Region Directed Diffusion Learning Automata (RDDLA) updates the rout between these sinks and finds interface node with learning automata and sends packet from source to this node and transmits data to sinks with this node to decreased overall network metrics up to 22%.
Improving Directed Diffusion in sensor network using learning automata: DDLA new approach in Directed Diffusion
Directed Diffusion algorithm is tried to solve problem of central node's movement by learning automata by building a route amendment tree which prevents from creation of the whole route and its overhead.