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The performance of image segmentation depends on the output quality of the edge detection process. Typical edge detecting method is based on detecting pixels in an image with high gradient values, and then applies a global threshold value to extract the edge points of the image. In this paper, a new edge detection method is presented. The main contribution(More)
In this paper, a new image denoise method is presented. The main contribution of our approach is to apply an auto-adapted empirical mode decomposition algorithm (AAEMD) to remove the noise. By means of AAEMD, the image can be decomposed into a number of intrinsic mode function (IMF), and the histogram of IMF observes the normal distribution, whether the(More)
This paper presents a comparative study of Zernike moments (ZMs), Jacobi-Fourier moments (JFMs) and Radial-Harmonic-Fourier moments (RHFMs) for product image retrieval. Experiments are carried out on the PI 100 dataset and the retrieval performances of the shape descriptors are evaluated and quantified by the Average Normalized Modified Retrieval Rank(More)
In this paper, we propose a Fault Tolerant and Storage Efficient Directed Diffusion (FTSDD) scheme for wireless sensor networks. In this new protocol, the interest-associated node only store neighbor nodes in the gradient direction to the sink, and provide a strong tolerance against node failures. The simulation results have shown that the proposed scheme(More)
In this paper, the invariant orthogonal moments, Chebyshev-Fourier moments (CHFMs), and the computation of CHFMs are introduced. With the specific symmetrical or anti-symmetrical properties of the Chebyshev-Fourier (CHF) basis functions, a fast algorithm for computing the CHFMs is given. Both theoretical analysis and experimental testing show that the fast(More)
In the paper, the information hiding algorithm based on the empirical mode decomposition is proposed. This decomposition method is adaptive, and highly efficient. In the proposed algorithm, the cover image is decomposed into several intrinsic mode functions (IMFs). The weighted secret information takes the place of one of IMFs. Meanwhile, the secret(More)
A power equalization scheme has been proposed for non-degenerate cascaded phase-sensitive fiber-optic parametric amplifier (PS-FOPA) based on dispersion compensation fiber (DCF). The DCF is inserted between the phase-insensitive amplification segment and phase-sensitive amplification segment, and compensates the dispersion resulting from single-mode fiber(More)
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