ZiLi Liu

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Highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (HPAIV) is a highly contagious disease which is a zoonotic pathogen of significant economic and public health concern. The outbreaks caused by HPAIV H5N1 of Asian origin have caused animal and human disease and mortality in several countries of Southeast Asia, such as Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia,(More)
BACKGROUND Osteoporosis is a global high prevalence of chronic metabolic disease with serious disability-adjusted life years losing. Acupuncture is used to treat osteoporosis broadly in China and other countries although the evidence on effectiveness cannot give a certain answer. The aim of this systematic review protocol is to appraise the efficacy and(More)
Copyright Information: All rights reserved unless otherwise indicated. Contact the author or original publisher for any necessary permissions. eScholarship is not the copyright owner for deposited works. Learn more at Implicit forms of learning are what govern many aspects of human perception, cognition, and actions. This dissertation describes three(More)
Converging evidence has shown that human object recognition depends on the observers' familiarity with objects' appearance. The more similar the objects are, the stronger this dependence will be, and the more important two-dimensional (2D) image information will be to discriminate these objects from one another. The degree to which 3D structural information(More)
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