Zi-yan Wang

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OBJECTIVE To construct a co- culture system of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) and multiple myeloma (MM) cells and investigate the alterations of connexin 43 (CX43) expression and stromal derived growth factor (SDF)- 1α secretion of MSC. METHODS CX43 expression and SDF- 1α secretion of MM cell lines (RPMI8226) and human primary MM cells were analyzed by(More)
In this investigation, global DNA methylation patterns and the specific methylation status of 5 genes were studied in DNA from peripheral blood (PB) and impact on progression free survival (PFS) and overall-survival (OS) in patients with de novo or relapsed acute myeloid leukemia (AML) treated with decitabine-based regimens waas assessed. DNA was isolated(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the sensitivity to bortezomib of RPMI8226 cells after co-cultured with down-regulated Caveolin (Cav)-1 expression of HUVECs by transfection with Cav-1 shRNA (HUVECs(Cav-1 low)). METHODS Exposure to bortezomib with or without 50 nmol/L dexamethasone at different concentration, the proliferation of RPMI8226 was analyzed by MTT assay(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the dynamic change of follicular T helper cells (TFH) in patients with malignant lymphoid disease (MLD) and to explore its clinical significance. METHODS The dynamic change of TFH cells, ICOS+- and PD-1+ TFH cells at pretreatment and different treatment periods was determined by flow cytometry in 85 MLD patients. Concentration of(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the association of the haplotypes and genotype combinations of vitamin D receptor (VDR) BsmI (rs1544410), Tru9I (rs757343), ApaI (rs7975232), and TaqI (rs731236) with the susceptibility to elevated blood lead in Chinese Han population. METHODS According to Diagnostic Criteria of Occupational Chronic Lead Poisoning (GBZ 37-2002)(More)
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