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Study on the Law of Nitrogen Transfer and Conversion and Use of Fertilizer Nitrogen in Paddy Fields under Water-Saving Irrigation Mode
The research on the effect of water-saving irrigation technology on the loss of nutrients and chemical substances in farmland has become a hot issue in the field of agricultural water and soil. Based
Improving Water Productivity and ReducingNutrient Losses by Controlled Irrigationand Drainage in Paddy Fields
Controlled irrigation and drainage (CID) has received considerable attention as a reliable management practice for improving water quality and water productivity in rice production. This study aimed
Response of Physiological Indicators to Environmental Factors under Water Level Regulation of Paddy Fields in Southern China
Agricultural water level control is the key to the combined control of water-saving irrigation and controlled drainage. It is easy to observe and master in farmland practice, and has important
Changes of root-zone soil environment in flooded paddy field under controlled drainage conditions
At present, farmland-controlled drainage is of great significance for water-logging control, water conservation, and emissions reduction. This paper focused on the water level of farmland to study
Nitrogen Losses in Paddy Field Drainage Modifiedby Different Water Level Regulations
Nitrogen losses from farmland, through improper drainage and rainstorm runoff, cause non-point source pollution and limit sustainable agriculture development. We determined the effects of controlled
The crop-water level response model of rice under alternate drought and waterlogging
In order to investigate the relationship between paddy rice subjected to alternate drought and waterlogging and water level, the water level was used as the index of field water status and the
Research on the Dilemma and Countermeasures of the Professional Development of Ideological and Political Theory Teachers in Universities in the New Era 缪子梅 1 万雪晨 2
The professional development of teachers is the key to improve the quality of courses. The professional development of ideological and political theory teachers in universities can effectively