Zi-feng Wang

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Lack of cellular differentiation is a key feature of nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC), but it also presents as a unique opportunity for intervention by differentiation therapy. Here using RNA-seq profiling analysis and functional assays, we demonstrate that reduced IKKα expression is responsible for the undifferentiated phenotype of NPC. Conversely,(More)
Wilson disease (WD) is an autosomal recessive inherited disease caused by abnormalities of the copper-transporting protein encoding gene ATP7B. In this study, we examined ATP7B for mutations in 114 individuals of Chinese Han population living in north China who were diagnosed as WD. Totally, we identified 36 mutations and 11 single-nucleotide polymorphisms(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) represents a particular clinical challenge because these cancers do not respond to endocrine therapy or other available targeted agents. The lack of effective agents and obvious targets are major challenges in treating TNBC. In this study we explored the cytostatic effect of thiazole ring containing(More)
Cell cycle protein Bora has been identified to integrate the functions of three major mitotic kinases: Cyclin-dependent kinase-1, Polo-like kinase-1, and Aurora A kinase. Overexpression of Bora disrupts spindle assembly and causes genomic instability. However, the clinical relevance of Bora in cancer remains unclear. In this study, we examined the(More)
The Ring effect is a significant limitation to the accuracy of the retrieval of trace gas constituents in atmosphere, while using satellite data with differential optical absorption spectroscopy technique. The Ring effect refers to the filling in of Fraunhofer lines, known as solar absorption lines, caused almost entirely by rotational Raman scattering. The(More)
Generally, aerosols over land are composed of fine and coarse aerosols, which have different optical properties. How to derive the fine mode and coarse mode aerosols from satellite observations is an important issue in the aerosol retrieving. In the present paper, information of aerosol models (including refractive index and size distribution function) was(More)
Cystic spinal meningioma (CSM) is an uncommon meningioma variant. Extradural CSMs are particularly rare and difficult to distinguish from other intraaxial tumors. This study presents a case of a 36-year-old woman with intraspinal extradual CSM at the thoracolumbar spine. She experienced persistent weakness, progressive numbness, and sensory disturbance in(More)
With the urbanizing in China, haze days occur frequently, which have largely impacted air quality. In the present paper, based on haze physical properties, haze optical properties were calculated by Mie theory and apparent reflectance of haze in Environment Satellite 1 (HJ-1) channels was simulated by Radiative Transfer (RT) 3. Simulated results show that(More)
BACKGROUND It is rare for 2 primary tumors to occur simultaneously in a patient. Management of cervical dumbbell schwannomas (CDSs) with concurrent tumors (CTs) requires a specific neurosurgical strategy. The primary objective of this study is to investigate surgical strategies for CDSs with CTs while preserving as much of the mechanically relevant bone(More)
Nitrous Oxide is a very important greenhouse gases and ozone-depleting substances. Due to the limited observations, there are still many uncertainties to quantitatively describe the role of nitrous oxide played in both cases. We can retrieve the methane and carbon dioxide gas using thermal infrared satellite data AIRS, but it is rarely for the nitrous oxide(More)