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—Based on the beamspace transform and the rank reduction theory (RARE), a fast direction of arrival (DOA) estimation algorithm in the presence of an unknown mutual coupling is proposed for uniform circular arrays (UCAs). Via relying on the circular symmetry and expanding the mutual coupling into a limited number of phase modes, the azimuth estimates are(More)
—In this paper, simulated annealing algorithm (SA) is applied to the synthesis of cylindrical conformal arrays in order to suppress the peaks of side lobes by acting on the elements' positions. There are multiple optimization constraints including the number of elements, aperture and minimum element spacing. A constraint matrix is designed to make the(More)
It is well known that several methods are reported to design array antennas for the generation of radiation patterns. It is found that none of them are optimum. However, in the present work, a new swarm intelligence method Firefly algorithm is applied for their optimization. Both uniform and non-uniform arrays are considered. The power patterns are(More)
In this paper, an enhanced localization algorithm based on double thresholds (LAD) is proposed for localizing narrow band signals in the frequency domain. A simplified LAD method is first studied to reduce the computational complexity of the original LAD method without performance loss. The upper and lower thresholds of the simplified LAD method are(More)
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