Zi-Qiang Cheng

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In this paper, we propose a new more efficient steganography technique that can be applied in Internet environment. The new efficient technique can hide from 1 to 8 bits secret data per pixel, and has no distortion if the number of colors does not exceed 128. The proposed scheme first divides the secret data into several parts based on the number of colors(More)
Colloidal semiconductor quantum dots have three-dimensional confined excitons with large optical oscillator strength and gain. The surface plasmons of metallic nanostructures offer an efficient tool to enhance exciton-exciton coupling and excitation energy transfer at appropriate geometric arrangement. Here, we report plasmon-mediated cooperative emissions(More)
Security and privacy on authentication protocol are very important in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) systems which will become an important part of our daily life. However, the low-cost RFID tags can't perform effective cost cryptographic authentication due to limitation of power and storage resources. In this paper, we propose an efficient(More)
We report a plasmon-assisted growth of metal and semiconductor onto the tips of Ag nanotriangles (AgNTs) under light irradiation. The site-selective growth of Ag onto AgNTs are firstly demonstrated on the copper grids and amine-coated glass slides. As the irradiation time increases, microscopic images indicate that AgNTs gradually touch with each other and(More)
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