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Population structure and genetic diversity of marine organisms in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean exhibited complex patterns. Saccharina japonica is a commercially and ecologically important kelp species widely distributed along the coast of Japan Sea. However, it is still poorly known about population genetics and phylogeographic patterns of wild S.(More)
To prioritize management, conservation and restoration from seaweed invasions, it is important for policy-makers to elucidate the ecological mechanisms during the three phases of invasion: introduction, establishment, and diffusion. In this review, we synthesize the current knowledge of the invasion mechanisms and ecological impacts of Gracilaria(More)
Understanding the evolutionary processes that have created diversity and the genetic potential of species to adapt to environmental change is an important premise for biodiversity conservation. Herein, we used mitochondrial trnW-L and cox3 and plastid rbcL-S data sets to analyze population genetic variation and phylogeographic history of the brown alga(More)
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