Zi-Han Chen

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In this work, a novel time-resolved ratiometric fluorescent probe based on dual lanthanide (Tb: terbium, and Eu: europium)-doped complexes (Tb/DPA@SiO2-Eu/GMP) has been designed for detecting anthrax biomarker (dipicolinic acid, DPA), a unique and major component of anthrax spores. In such complexes-based probe, Tb/DPA@SiO2 can serve as a stable reference(More)
A novel label-free ratiometric fluorescent probe is developed for the detection of H2O2 based on GelRed/[G3T]5/Tb3+ hybrid, in which GelRed (a nucleic acid dye) intercalated into the designed single-stranded DNA [G3T]5 (i.e. GelRed/[G3T]5) acts as a stable build-in reference with red emission and Tb3+ sensitized by [G3T]5 (i.e. [G3T]5/Tb3+) as a sensitive(More)
A novel and facile ratiometric fluorescence method for evaluating Cu2+ has been developed based on coumarin-labeled single-stranded DNA (C-ssDNA) coupled with the Cu2+-induced oxidation of o-phenylenediamine (OPD). By combining the microdialysis technique, the ratiometric fluorescence method has also been successfully exploited to monitor the cerebral Cu2+(More)
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