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Understanding the Cubic Phase Stabilization and Crystallization Kinetics in Mixed Cations and Halides Perovskite Single Crystals.
It is found that Br incorporation can effectively control the perovskite crystallization kinetics and reduce defect density to acquire high-quality single crystals with significant inhibition of δ-phase.
Toward Long-Term Stability: Single-Crystal Alloys of Cesium-Containing Mixed Cation and Mixed Halide Perovskite.
This work provides a single-crystal-based paradigm for stability investigation, leading to the discovery of stable new perovskite materials, which is very promising for long-term stable devices with high efficiency.
Fullerene derivative with a branched alkyl chain exhibits enhanced charge extraction and stability in inverted planar perovskite solar cells
Fullerene derivatives are known for their excellent electron transport properties, which can effectively serve as electron transport layers (ETLs) deposited from solution at low temperatures in
Ligand effects in catalysis by atomically precise gold nanoclusters
This work presents a clear demonstration that catalytic performance of gold nanoclusters can be modulated by the controlled construction of ligand spheres.
Thiacalix[4]arene: New protection for metal nanoclusters
Thiacalix[4]arene has been used in the synthesis of a silver nanocluster, the first structurally determined calixarene-protected metal nanoclusters, and suggests a bright future for metal Nanoclusters protected by macrocyclic ligands.
Chloride-Promoted Formation of a Bimetallic Nanocluster Au80Ag30 and the Total Structure Determination.
The total structure determination of a large bimetallic nanocluster with an overall composition of [Au80Ag30(C≡CPh)42Cl9]Cl demonstrates that the halide can play a key role in the formation of aLarge metal nanoclusters, and the halides effect should be considered in the design and synthesis of metal nanClusters.
Perfection of Perovskite Grain Boundary Passivation by Eu‐Porphyrin Complex for Overall‐Stable Perovskite Solar Cells
The acquired perovskite films reveal an unpredictable thermodynamic self‐healing ability and provide an avenue for defect passivation to synchronously improve resistibility to moisture, heat, and solar light including UV.
Alkynyl-protected silver nanoclusters featuring an anticuboctahedral kernel.
Two unique silver nanoclusters protected by alkynyl and diphosphine ligands have been synthesized. Single crystal structural determination reveals that they have a centered anticuboctahedral Ag13
Diastereoselective synthesis of O symmetric heterometallic cubic cages.
Enantiopure chiral cubic cages have been diastereoselectively synthesized for the first time and CD enhancement is observed as a result of configuration rigidity.
[Mn(III)Mn(IV)2Mo14O56](17-): A Mixed-Valence Meso-Polyoxometalate Anion Encapsulated by a 64-Nuclearity Silver Cluster.
A 64-nuclearity silver cluster encapsulating a unique POM anion [Mn(III)Mn (IV)2Mo14O56](17-) has been synthesized and represents a rare inorganic meso anion containing mixed-valent Mn.