Zhuzhen Wang

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This paper presents a new PID controller model with series leading correction. The controller has a tuning parameter, by tuning the parameter, the new PID controller can reduce the controlled system’s maximum overshoot and setting time significantly, so as to improve the controlled system’s stability and rapidity of step response. Simulation results show(More)
This paper presents a new PID controller model based on Series Leading Correction, and its extension. By tuning the parameter(s) of the new PID controller, the controlled system’s dynamic performance can be improved significantly. Not only reducing the maximum overshoot, but also shortening the setting time significantly. The results of simulations(More)
This paper presented the relationship between two algorithms for approximating a given IIR filter by FIR filter, the optimal Hankel approximation algorithm and the direct truncation approximation algorithm. Firstly, we introduced the two algorithms in brief. Then, we proposed that the two algorithms equivalent under specific circumstances, and the(More)
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