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The notion of attribute-based signature is one of the important security primitives to realize anonymous authentication. In an attribute based signature (ABS), users can generate a signature on a message with their attributes.With this signature, any verifier will be convinced that such a signature is generated from a signer with these attributes. However,(More)
Sensor network nodes have a very tight power budget and the power efficiency is the biggest design concern in sensor network circuits. A general-purpose processor (e.g. an ARM processor) is not efficient to execute encryption algorithms because it has no special instructions to support encryption operations, for example very often-used permutation(More)
after the traditional search techniques analyzed, we discovered the traditional grammar-level based search have led to low quality because of the lack of appropriate information on the semantics. For this reason, this in-depth study seeks for a solution to this problem, and explores new technologies to change the urgency of this situation, This article(More)
Cloud computing is an emerging computing paradigm that can provide storage resources and computing capacities services over the Internet. However, some new security issues arise when users’ sensitive data are outsourced and shared in untrusted cloud. The traditional techniques to protect the confidentiality of sensitive data stored in cloud are encryption(More)
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Cloud computing is an emerging computing paradigm in which resources of the computing infrastructure are provided as services over the Internet. This paradigm also brings forth many new challenges for data security and access control when users outsource sensitive data for sharing on cloud servers. To access the data stored in cloud, existing work usually(More)
With the growth of system scale, it has become very difficult problem that how to ensure the security of service in grid. In order to resolve this problem, we propose an auditing mechanism for the security of service in grid. In the auditing mechanism, we first define and analyze some atomic services for grid application which are based on the service(More)