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Some Convolution Formulae Related to the Second-Order Linear Recurrence Sequence
The main aim of this paper is that for any second-order linear recurrence sequence, the generating function of which is f ( t) = 1 1 + a t + b t 2 , we can give the exact coefficient expression of the power series expansion of f x ( t ) for x ∈ R with elementary methods and symmetry properties. Expand
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Imaging and tuning polarity at SrTiO3 domain walls.
Electrostatic fields tune the ground state of interfaces between complex oxide materials. Electronic properties, such as conductivity and superconductivity, can be tuned and then used to create andExpand
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Tunable surface electron spin splitting with electric double-layer transistors based on InN.
Electrically manipulating electron spins based on Rashba spin-orbit coupling (SOC) is a key pathway for applications of spintronics and spin-based quantum computation. Two-dimensional electronExpand
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A wide input voltage range ZVS isolated bidirectional DC-DC converter for ultra-capacitor application in hybrid and electric vehicles
This paper presents a new wide input voltage range ZVS isolated bidirectional DC/DC converter for an ultra-capacitor module used as an auxiliary power supply in electric vehicles. Compared to theExpand
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Ionic liquid gated electric-double-layer transistors based on Mg-doped InN epitaxial films
Taking advantages of broad tunability of carrier density in electric-double-layer transistors (EDLTs) with ionic-liquid gating, we demonstrate evidence of parallel conduction from both p-type bulkExpand
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Some new hybrid power mean formulae of trigonometric sums
We apply the analytic method and the properties of the classical Gauss sums to study the computational problem of a certain hybrid power mean of the trigonometric sums and to prove several new meanExpand
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New Identities Dealing with Gauss Sums
In this article, we used the elementary methods and the properties of the classical Gauss sums to study the problem of calculating some Gaussian sums. Expand