Zhuoyi Huang

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We deployed the genetic variant pipeline SNPTools in the cloud utilizing the Amazon Web Service (AWS). With the cloud SNPTools pipeline, we performed the SNP calling and genotype imputation on the 1000 Genomes Project Phase 3 data and assessed the quality of SNPs. We also explored different strategies of exploiting Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute instances and(More)
The decreasing costs of sequencing are driving the need for cost effective and real time variant calling of whole genome sequencing data. The scale of these projects are far beyond the capacity of typical computing resources available with most research labs. Other infrastructures like the cloud AWS environment and supercomputers also have limitations due(More)
Whole-genome sequencing (WGS) allows for a comprehensive view of the sequence of the human genome. We present and apply integrated methodologic steps for interrogating WGS data to characterize the genetic architecture of 10 heart- and blood-related traits in a sample of 1,860 African Americans. In order to evaluate the contribution of regulatory and(More)
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