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In this paper, we attempt to develop a reusable framework of cooperative perception for vehicle control on the road that can extend perception range beyond line-of-sight and beyond field-of-view. For this goal, the following problems are addressed: map merging, vehicle identification, sensor multi-modality, impact of communications, and impact on path(More)
Vascular access is frequently required for patients admitted to hospitals. This requires a delicate process of intravenous (IV) catheterization that, as opposed to common believe, suffers from a high failure rate typically close to 30%. In case of special patients such as infants, the elderly, and people with diabetes or other health conditions that affect(More)
Robot-assisted needle-based surgeries are sought to improve many operations, from brain surgery to spine and urological procedures. Force feedback from a needle can provide important guidance during needle insertion. This paper presents a new modelling method of needle force during insertion into soft tissue based on finite element simulation. This is(More)
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