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Shishaldin Volcano, a large, frequently active basaltic-andesite volcano located on Unimak Island in the Aleutian Arc of Alaska, had a minor eruption in 1995–1996 and a VEI 3 sub-Plinian basaltic eruption in 1999. We used 21 synthetic aperture radar images acquired by ERS-1, ERS-2, JERS-1, and RADARSAT-1 satellites to construct 12 coherent interferograms(More)
A 7 year time series of satellite radar images over Unimak Island, Alaska—site of Westdahl Volcano, Fisher Caldera, and Shishaldin Volcano—was processed using a model-free Persistent Scatterer Interferometry technique assisted by numerical weather prediction model. The deformation-only signals were optimally extracted from atmosphere-contaminated phase(More)
Carbon dots, generally small carbon nanoparticles with various forms of surface passivation, have achieved the performance level of semiconductor quantum dots in the green spectral region, but their absorption and fluorescence in red/near-IR are relatively weaker. Conceptually similar to endofullerenes, host-guest carbon dots were designed and prepared with(More)
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