Zhuojun Xu

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In order to reduce the unnecessary material and the time consumed, and to improve design efficiency in the actual prosthetics physical prototype design process, this paper uses virtual technology to build a simulation system. First, Adams software is used to create a virtual humanoid robot model with 14 degrees of freedom; second, a virtual bionic hand's(More)
In this article, the database of sEMG corresponding to the six gestures with two,four and eight channels is collected and established through increasing the number of surface electrode muscle telecommunication reasonably.Two-channel method used in the previous studies in laboratory is improved to make the method suitable for four-channel and(More)
In an ad hoc network, identification of all node-disjoint paths between a given pair of nodes is a challenging task. The phenomena that a protocol is not able to identify all node-disjoint paths that exist between a given pair of nodes is called path diminution. In this paper, we discuss that path diminution is unavoidable when a protocol discovers multiple(More)
How to auto-complete surface electromyography (sEMG) activities detection, and improve its accuracy is an important prerequisite to achieve real-time and effective control of myoelectric prosthesis. In this paper, activities detection problem can be equivalent to the edge detection problem in image processing. Taking the advantage of the edge maximum a(More)
According to the characteristic that the surface electromyogram signal (sEMG) is very weak and influenced by noise vulnerability, this paper proposes a new method that uses the unsupervised Kohonen neural network weights optimized to determine the order of the reconstruction matrix during the process of the noise reduction in singular value decomposition(More)
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