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This paper presents a supervised classification method of sonar image, which takes advantages of both directional wavelet (DW) and fuzzy fractal dimension (FFD). The definition of FFD is an extension of the pixel-covering method by incorporating the fuzzy set. DW is used for the decomposition of original images. In the process of feature extraction, a(More)
There is a need to develop a greater understanding of temperature at the skin-seat interface during prolonged seating from the perspectives of both industrial design (comfort/discomfort) and medical care (skin ulcer formation). Here we test the concept of predicting temperature at the seat surface and skin interface during prolonged sitting (such as(More)
On the basis of the flow feature in the micro blood vessels, a method to track the trace of cell movement was proposed in this paper. The algorithm employed the space domain enhancement, adaptive threshold segmentation techniques. For the sake of calculating blood flow, the active contour-based template matching method was applied to sequential images. The(More)
In order to solve the problem of deformation and blurred edge in sonar image segmentation, a snake model based on the cellular neural network (CNN) architecture is presented. The approach is generated in snake models which evolve pixel by pixel from their initial shapes and locations until delimiting the objects of interest. The model deformation is guided(More)
This study examined the subjective rating of wheelchair comfort and discomfort (numerical rating scale questionnaire) and the duration of objective in-chair movement reduction "settling down time" following initial contact with the seating surface. Healthy young subjects (n = 22) sat for 5 min on contoured foam or wood cushion surfaces fitted to otherwise(More)
AIM OF THE STUDY To determine whether 3 fixed positions of seat-subject interface temperature measurement offer more information than a single point of measurement. MATERIALS AND METHODS Temperature data was simultaneously acquired (sampling frequency 1 Hz/sensor) from each of three sensor positions (right & left mid-thigh and coccyx), from the(More)
  • Zhuofu Liu
  • 2006
This research will attempt to analyze the effectiveness of the Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD) in diagnostics of gearboxes operating under non-stationary rotational speed. For this, a simple software program for signal processing and extraction of mechanical failure detection was developed and tested. The primary aim is to reveal the nonlinear behavior(More)
In this paper, a novel algorithm for image recognition, consisting of two stages: coarse recognition and fine recognition, is presented. For coarse recognition, a new gray-spatial histogram is proposed, which incorporates spatial information with gray-scale compositions without sacrificing the robustness of traditional gray histograms. For fine recognition,(More)