Zhuobin Zhang

Francis Maddox1
Eli Goodwin1
Jedediah Tressler1
Nathan J Tublitz1
1Francis Maddox
1Eli Goodwin
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To provide quantitative information on arm regeneration in cuttlefish, the regenerating arms of two cuttlefish species, Sepia officinalis and Sepia pharaonis, were observed at regular intervals after surgical amputation. The third right arm of each individual was amputated to ~10–20 % starting length. Arm length, suction cup number, presence of(More)
FMRFamide-related Peptides (FaRPs) are involved in a variety of physiological processes, including reproduction, feeding, development, body patterning and osmoregulation in vertebrates and invertebrates. Here we investigate the expression pattern of cuttlefish Sepia officinalis FaRP2 gene in the brain by in situ hybridization. The SOFaRP2 gene was found to(More)
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