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Remote data integrity checking is a crucial technology in cloud computing. Recently, many works focus on providing data dynamics and/or public verifiability to this type of protocols. Existing protocols can support both features with the help of a third-party auditor. In a previous work, Sebé et al. propose a remote data integrity checking protocol(More)
In this paper a novel parallel network traffic control mechanism for cloud computing is proposed based on the packet scheduler HTB (Hierarchical Token Buckets). The idea of bandwidth borrowing in HTB makes it suitable for large scale high-performance scenario such as cloud computing. However, the capacity of current HTB is only 0.5Gbps, which could not(More)
A number of key agreement schemes based on wireless channel characteristics have been proposed recently. However, previous key agreement schemes require that two nodes which need to agree on a key are within the communication range of each other. Hence, they are not suitable for multihop wireless networks, in which nodes do not always have direct(More)
Early diagnosis is important for the prompt post-exposure prophylaxis of lyssavirus infections. To diagnose Irkut virus (IRKV) infection during incubation in mice, a novel method using magnetic bead-based serum peptide profiling by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS) has been established. For this(More)
Shadoo is a glycoprotein expressed in the adult brain that is an interacting protein of prion protein; however, its function remains to be determined. To elucidate its role in prion pathogenesis, we generated transgenic mice overexpressing wild-type (wt) Shadoo driven by the murine PrP promoter. Expression of the murine Sprn transgene significantly(More)
BACKGROUND Linking medical records across different medical service providers is important to the enhancement of health care quality and public health surveillance. In records linkage, protecting the patients' privacy is a primary requirement. In real-world health care databases, records may well contain errors due to various reasons such as typos. Linking(More)
Wireless security has been an active research area since the last decade. A lot of studies of wireless security use cryptographic tools, but traditional cryptographic tools are normally based on computational assumptions, which may turn out to be invalid in the future. Consequently, it is very desirable to build cryptographic tools that do not rely on(More)
The multi-tenant cloud computing infrastructure has become popular because many service providers can deliver their services through it. In dataflow processing applications, the dataflow need to be sequentially processed by a lot of processing components that are provided by different service providers. In order to prevent malicious attackers from modifying(More)
Usually digital image forgeries are created by copy-pasting a portion of an image onto some other image. Forged area is often resized & rotated to make it proportional with respect to neighboring unforged area. This is called as resampling operation which changes certain characteristics of the pasted portion. Thus resampling is the default fingerprint(More)