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It has been established that the appropriate criteria for space-time trellis coded modulation (STTCM) design on slow Rayleigh fading channels are maximization of the minimum rank and the minimum determinant ofthe distance matrices. We show here that when STTCM is used in 1 5 j 5 n R , are constant during one frame and vary independently from one frame to(More)
We present Walkie-Markie – an indoor pathway mapping system that can automatically reconstruct internal pathway maps of buildings without any a-priori knowledge about the building, such as the floor plan or access point locations. Central to Walkie-Markie is a novel exploitation of the WiFi infrastructure to define landmarks (WiFi-Marks) to fuse(More)
Nanoparticles — particles in the size range 1–100 nm — are emerging as a class of therapeutics for cancer. Early clinical results suggest that nanoparticle therapeutics can show enhanced efficacy, while simultaneously reducing side effects, owing to properties such as more targeted localization in tumours and active cellular uptake. Here, we highlight the(More)
We describe the architecture and prototype implementation of an assistive system based on Google Glass devices for users in cognitive decline. It combines the first-person image capture and sensing capabilities of Glass with remote processing to perform real-time scene interpretation. The system architecture is multi-tiered. It offers tight end-to-end(More)
The pairwise-error probability upper bounds of space–time codes (STCs) in independent Rician fading channels are derived in this letter. Based on the performance analysis, novel code design criteria for slow and fast Rayleigh fading channels are developed. It is found that in fading channels, STC design criterion depends on the value of the possible(More)
Several common variants in the intron 1 of FTO (fat mass and associated obesity) gene have been reliably associated with BMI and obesity in European populations. We analyzed two variants (rs9939609 and rs8050136) in 4,189 Chinese Han individuals and conducted a meta-analysis of published studies in Asian population to investigate whether these variants are(More)
It has been established that the appropriate design parameters for space–time trellis code (STTC) in quasi-static flat Rayleigh fading channels are the rank and determinant criteria or the Euclidean distance criterion, depending on the value of the overall diversity gain. In this letter, we propose two groups of new STTCs with more than two transmit(More)
This study evaluated proposed molecular markers related to stem cell (SC) properties with the intention of characterizing a putative SC phenotype in human limbal epithelia. Human corneal and limbal tissues were cut in the vertical and horizontal meridians for histology, transmission electron microscopy (TEM), and immunostaining. Semiquantitative reverse(More)