Zhuo Chang

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In this paper, we consider the problem of inserting points in a square grid, which has many background applications, including halftone in reprographic and image processing. We consider an online version of this problem, i.e., the points are inserted one at a time. The objective is to assign the points as uniform as possible. Precisely speaking, after each(More)
The underlying pathogenic lesions of glycogen storage disease type II (GSD II) and the diversity of this disease among different species are still under exploration. Thus, we created an acid alpha-glucosidase (gaa) gene-mutated zebrafish model of GSD II and examined the sequential pathogenic changes. gaa mRNA and protein expression, enzymatic activity, and(More)
The performance of solar-thermal conversion systems can be improved by incorporation of nanocarbon-stabilized microencapsulated phase change materials (MPCMs). The geometry of MPCMs in the microcapsules plays an important role for improving their heating efficiency and reliability. Yet few efforts have been made to critically examine the formation mechanism(More)
OBJECTIVES Non-enzymatic glycation is closely associated with altered mechanical properties of connective tissue. Pregnancy, marked with high levels of female hormones, confers unique alteration to the mechanical properties of pelvic connective tissues in order to meet their physiological demands. However, there are few studies on glycation content and its(More)
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