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Dempster-Shafer evidence theory is very important in the fields of information fusion and decision making. However, it always brings high computational cost when the frames of discernments to deal with become large. To reduce the heavy computational load involved in many rules of combinations, the approximation of a general belief function is needed. In(More)
The classical Dempster-Shafer theory involves counter-intuitive behaviors when the evidence high conflict. In order to solve the problem, a new approach of weighted evidence combination is proposed. Both evidence distance and inconsistent information are considered to evaluate the conflict. Each piece of evidence is given weight coefficient according to its(More)
—A credal classification rule (CCR) is proposed to deal with the uncertain data under the belief functions framework. CCR allows the objects to belong to not only the specific classes, but also any set of classes (i.e. meta-class) with different masses of belief. In CCR, each specific class is characterized by a class center. Specific class consists of the(More)
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