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Visible-Light-Promoted Dual C-C Bond Formations of Alkynoates via a Domino Radical Addition/Cyclization Reaction: A Synthesis of Coumarins.
A visible-light-promoted, mild, and direct difunctionalization of alkynoates has been accomplished. This procedure provides a new strategy toward synthesis of the coumarin core structure byExpand
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Protecting-Group-Free Total Synthesis of (-)-Lycopodine via Phosphoric Acid Promoted Alkyne Aza-Prins Cyclization.
A protecting-group-free route for the total synthesis of (-)-lycopodine was demonstrated in only 8 steps from Wade's fawcettimine enone (12 steps from commercial availiable (R)-(+)-pulegone). The keyExpand
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Bioinspired Collective Syntheses of Iboga-Type Indole Alkaloids.
We present the application of a bioinspired collective synthesis strategy in the total syntheses of seven iboga-type indole alkaloids: (±)-tabertinggine, (±)-ibogamine, (±)-ibogaine, (±)-ibogaineExpand
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Aggregation-Resistant Superparamagnetic Noncovalent Hybrid Multilayer Hollow Microcapsules in High Ionic Strength Media
In order to avoid the aggregation and/or fusion of the polyelectrolyte multilayer hollow microcapsules self-assembled via the noncovalent bonds, superparamagnetic polyelectrolyte hybrid hollowExpand
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Concise enantioselective synthesis of cephalosporolide B, (4R)-4-OMe-cephalosporolide C, and (4S)-4-OMe-cephalosporolide C.
Ring around the rosie: The effective enantioselective synthesis of the antimalarial nonenolide title compounds was achieved in a convergent strategy. Oxy-Michael addition reaction was used toExpand
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(3 + 2)-Annulation of p-Quinamine and Aryne: A Strategy To Construct the Multisubstituted Hydrocarbazoles.
A strategy for the synthesis of multisubstituted hydrocarbazoles has been developed through (3 + 2)-annulation of p-quinamines and arynes. In this way, new analogs of hydrocarbazoles with quaternaryExpand
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Bioinspired Total Syntheses of Isospongian-type Diterpenoids (-)-Kravanhins A and C.
The first bioinspired total syntheses of (-) kravanhins A and C were accomplished from a labdane diterpenoid derivative. The key reactions involve a photooxidation and a one-pot sequential aldolExpand
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Asymmetric Total Synthesis of (-)-Kravanhin B.
The first asymmetric total synthesis of kravanhin B has been accomplished with a linear reaction sequence of 13 steps starting from (R)-(-)-carvone. The synthesis features an intramolecular aldolExpand
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Concise Total Synthesis of Isospongian Diterpenoid (±)‐Polyrhaphin D
The first total synthesis of isospongian diterpenoid (+/-)-polyrhaphin D has been accomplished in 9 steps with 19% overall yield starting from the Wieland-Miescher ketone derivative. The key featuresExpand
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Ligand-Free Iron-Catalyzed Carbon (sp2)-Carbon (sp2) Oxidative Homo-Coupling of Alkenyllithiums.
A new strategy was developed for the efficient synthesis of di-, tetra-, and hexa-substituted 1,3-butadienes. This one-pot procedure involves lithium-iodine exchange to generate the correspondingExpand
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