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Peer-to-Peer networking is gaining popularity as a architecture for sharing information goods and other computing resources. However, these networks suffer from a high level of free-riding, whereby some users consume network resources without providing any network resources. The high levels of free-riding observed by several recent studies have led some to(More)
Peer-to-peer networks have emerged as a popular alternative to traditional client-server architec-tures for the distribution of information goods. Recent academic studies have observed high levels of free-riding in various peer-to-peer networks, leading some to predict the imminent collapse of communities hosted on these networks. Our research develops(More)
Information technology-enabled markets enhance retailers' ability to collect, aggregate, and transfer consumer information. These technological capabilities have raised concerns that this information could be used in ways the consumer would not anticipate or authorize. These concerns have been met with a variety of proposals including approaches placing the(More)
Peer-to-peer (P2P) services allow users to share networked resources, notably bandwidth and content, from the edges of the network. These services have been popularized because of file sharing – particularly the sharing of unlicensed copyrighted files. However, content owners are increasingly exploring the ability of peer-to-peer networks to accommodate(More)
The multibillion-dollar online advertising industry continues to debate whether to use the CPC (cost per click) or CPA (cost per action) model as an industry standard. This article applies the economic framework of incentive contracts to study the trade-os of these pricing models. In some conditions, the CPA model leads to higher publisher (or advertiser)(More)
The growth of Internet price search tools, notably shopbots, has reduced consumers' search costs, allowing consumers to easily become informed of price and product characteristics among competing sellers online. While a variety of analytic models predict that increased consumer search through shopbots will lower price levels among competing retailers, there(More)
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