Zhuhan Jiang

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We propose an iterative method of Weighted Region Consolidation to track a camouflaged object within a background of very close colour in an image sequence, where the colours for both the object and the background are unsteady with large noises. More precisely, we will first detect the object motion based on both spatial and intensity densities by locating(More)
A similarity enrichment scheme for the application to image compression through the extension of weighted finite automata (WFA) has been recently proposed [ I ] by the authors. We shall here first establish additional theoretical results on the extended WFA of minimum states. We then devise an effective inference algorithm and its concrete implementation(More)
The arterial plasma endothelin-1 concentration was substantially more elevated in 15 patients with rheumatic valvular disease and secondary pulmonary hypertension than in healthy volunteers (3.66 +/- 2.20 versus 1.17 +/- 0.38 pg/ml, mean +/- standard deviation; p < 0.01). The preoperative plasma endothelin-1 level was highly correlated with the pulmonary(More)
In this paper, we propose a watermarking scheme for the image ownership verification in terms of a private key pattern and wavelet filters. The watermarking is mainly achieved within the process of decomposition and reconstruction by forging watermark-carrying wavelet filters. This scheme improves the watermark robustness and invisibility since it maximally(More)
Inflatable structures are under increasing development in various domains. Their study is often carried out by using 3D membrane finite elements and for static loads. There is a lack of knowledge in dynamic conditions, especially for simple and accurate solutions for inflatable beams. This paper deals with the research on the natural frequencies of(More)