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Oryza rufipogon Griff. (common wild rice; CWR) is the ancestor of Asian cultivated rice (Oryza sativa L.). Investigation of the genetic structure and diversity of CWR in China will provide information about the origin of cultivated rice and the grain quality and yield. In this study, we used 36 simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers to assay 889 accessions,(More)
Lithologies containing Early Miocene mammalian fossils have to date been completely absent in China. This text documents the discovery of an Early Miocene mammal fauna that consists predominantly of small mammals collected in 1978 in Huangzhong Co., Qinghai Province. Recorded are 10 genera and 14 species (8 new species). The age of the fauna is generally(More)
Stable isotope analyses of fossil teeth and other authigenic minerals have been used to reconstruct the paleoenvironment and paleoelevation of the Tibetan Plateau. The accuracy of such reconstructions is limited by the lack of a comprehensive modern comparative database from the region. We analyzed the carbon and oxygen isotopic compositions (δC and δO(More)
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