Zhuangkuo Li

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This paper proposes a novel fuzzy analytic hierarchy process(FAHP) method based on basic particle swarm optimization(PSO) called PSO-FAHP. PSO-FAHP can identify the importance ranking value of different factors from different hierarchy at the same time, and change the conformance test that estimate matrix to an optimization problem for nonlinear system.(More)
In this paper we describe our TRECVID 2012 video retrieval experiments. The MediaMill team participated in four tasks: semantic indexing, multimedia event detection, multimedia event recounting and instance search. The starting point for the MediaMill detection approach is our top-performing bagof-words system of TRECVID 2008-2011, which uses multiple color(More)
In order to reduce the standard particle swarm algorithm trapped in local optimal value, guarantee the convergence speed of the particle swarm optimization algorithm and improve the quality of the solution and robustness in the vehicle scheduling problem, based on the standard particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm, this paper proposes a new improved(More)
Particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm as a novel computational intelligence technique has been applied successfully in many continuous optimization problems. Then the binary PSO (BPSO) is developed and Qi presented a modified binary PSO (QBPSO). As the two algorithms have not a satisfactory optimization capability, here in order to tackle the 0/1(More)
According to the weakness of standard particle swarm optimization in dealing with vehicle routing problem (VRP), based on the definition of particle swarm optimization, this paper introduce the average information of individual and the global information to the standard PSO. A new hybrid form of PSO (AVGPSO), which is based on the mean information of(More)
The distribution of profits is a very important problem in logistics alliance and a fair plan for distribution plays a significant role in keeping logistics alliance stable and strong. According to the rate of the contribution which the allied member made in profits, the problem about unfair distribution among the allied members can be solved combined with(More)
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