Zhuanghui Zhu

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OBJECTIVE To explore whether resveratrol can reduce intestinal damage in hemorrhagic shock rats and the underlying mechanism. METHODS A total of 24 Sprague-Dawley rats of specifi c pathogen free (SPF) were randomly divided into a control group(n=8), a resveratrol group (SR group, n=8) and a vehicle group (SS group, n=8). Th e mean arterial pressure was(More)
In order to enable electrode sites to get closer to target neurons, obtain a better stimulation and minimize the electrochemical erosion of electrode, we proposed dome-shaped flexible neural microelectrode arrays (MEAs) for neural applications. With the use of photosensitive polyimide (Durimide 7510, PI) as substrate, a flexible microelectrode with 6(More)
We report a simple and efficient method to fabricate carbon nanowire (CNW) arrays with precise locations and spatial arrangements. This method is based on a phenomenon in photoresist (PR) development that if the exposed posts are close-spaced they are linked by some undissolved resist filaments. Pyrolysis made the residual resist filaments to shrink and(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of isoflurane + N2O inhalation and propofol + fentanyl anesthesia on myocardial function as assessed by cardiac troponin T (cTnT). A total of 60 patients were randomized into two groups: isoflurane + N2O inhalation (n=30) and propofol + fentanyl anesthesia (n=30). The findings demonstrated that there was no(More)
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