Zhuang Zhi Chong

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We detail the design of autonomous golf cars which were used in public trials in Singapore's Chinese and Japanese Gardens, for the purpose of raising public awareness and gaining user acceptance of autonomous vehicles. The golf cars were designed to be robust, reliable, and safe, while operating under prolonged durations. Considerations that went in to the(More)
We present for the first time an experimental study on the droplet deformation induced by an AC electric field in droplet-based microfluidics. It is found that the deformation of the droplets becomes stronger with increasing electric field intensity and frequency. The measured electric field intensity dependence of the droplet deformation is consistent with(More)
This paper reports a method to control the bubble size generated in a microfluidic flow-focusing configuration. With an ultrasonic transducer, we induce acoustic streaming using a forward moving, oscillating gas-liquid interface. The induced streaming substantially affects the formation process of gas bubbles. The oscillating interface acts as a pump that(More)
The reliable generation of micron-sized droplets is an important process for various applications in droplet-based microfluidics. The generated droplets work as a self-contained reaction platform in droplet-based lab-on-a-chip systems. With the maturity of this platform technology, sophisticated and delicate control of the droplet generation process is(More)
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