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With the development of modern steganography technologies, steganalysis has been a new research topic in the field of information security. Since JPEG images have been widely used in our daily life, the steganalysis for JPEG images becomes very important and significant. This paper propose a new steganalysis method based on sparse representation, intending(More)
This paper analyzed the worldwide situation of the human resources evaluation study, and constructed an indicator system for human resources evaluation based on some related literature , then adopted grey related TOPSIS method to construct evaluation model for human resources evaluation based on Entropy Weight. By counting the distance and grey relative(More)
This paper proposes a new architecture for the secure application of robust perceptual hashing. Protocols based on architecture of four parties are designed to ensure that no party can get the knowledge that may break the security of the hashing. A commutative hashing and encryption method that can generate multi-media hash on encryption domain is proposed(More)
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