Zhuang Xiao Qiu

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Wind turbine blades are the key parts of wind turbine. The large-scale wind turbine blade contour design and the choice of wing section both affect the wind turbine performance and the energy efficiency. The current research based on reverse engineering CAD technique to redesign the large-scale wind turbine blade, has incorporated the measurement of a large(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the curative effect and safety of dibutyl phthalate on demodicidosis. METHODS A single blinded and controlled study of human demodicidosis treated with dibutyl phthalate was conducted. One hundred and forty three patients with demodicidosis, including 81 acne and 62 rosacea, randomly divided into trial and control groups. The trial(More)
In this article 36 cases of recurrent oropharyngeal ulcers were differentiated according to the local condition of the oropharyngeal ulcerations, tongue pictures, pulse feeling and other signs and symptoms. The authors considered this disease as the deficiency syndrome accompanied with the excess syndrome. The three steps for treatment were: Treating the(More)
By using two colour flow cytometric analysis, we examined the proportion of B lymphocytes bearing CD5 surface antigen (CD5+B cell). The level of CD5+B cells was markedly increased in active chronic ITP and active hyperthyroid patients with Graves' disease. There was an inverse correlation between the percentage of circulating CD5+B cells and platelet(More)
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