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28V High-Linearity and Rugged InGaP/GaAs Power HBT
This paper reports on the improvement of a previously developed InGaP/GaAs HBT for 24-28V linear power operation. The improvements achieved were: application of dynamic bias circuit which improvesExpand
Effects of dc bias on dielectric relaxations in CaCu3Ti4O12 ceramics
Effects of dc bias on dielectric relaxations in CaCu3Ti4O12 ceramics were investigated via an improved dielectric spectroscopy. A new low-frequency dielectric relaxation, which was assigned to spaceExpand
Significantly enhanced breakdown field in Ca 1-x Sr x Cu 3 Ti 4 O 12 ceramics by tailoring donor densities
Abstract Significantly enhanced breakdown field of 24.52 kV cm−1 as well as noteworthy nonlinear coefficient of 8.11 and low dielectric loss of 0.077 were obtained in Ca0.6Sr0.4Cu3Ti4O12 ceramic. ItExpand
Investigation of electrical inhomogeneity in ZnO varistor ceramics based on electronic relaxations
Abstract Spatially non-uniform electrical performance in ZnO varistor ceramics, which restricts application for higher energy absorption capability, is investigated in terms of electronic relaxationsExpand
Investigation of dimensional effect in ZnO ceramics through high-temperature relaxation
The dimensional effect of ZnO-based ceramics was investigated from the aspect of high-temperature relaxation in the temperature range of 120–260 °C in this paper. A sharp decrease of breakdown fieldExpand
Role of inhomogeneous intrinsic point defect distribution on electrical properties in ZnO varistor ceramics
Inhomogeneous electrical performance in ZnO varistor ceramics are investigated from distribution of intrinsic point defects using thermally stimulated depolarization current (TSDC). The nonlinearExpand
High Breakdown Field CaCu3Ti4O12 Ceramics: Roles of the Secondary Phase and of Sr Doping
In this work, two methods of CaCu3Ti4O12-CuAl2O4 composite and SrCu3Ti4O12-CaCu3Ti4O12 composite were prepared to improve the breakdown field in CaCu3Ti4O12 ceramics. CaCu3Ti4O12-0.5CuAl2O4 andExpand
Dielectric and electrical properties of LaxSr1−3x/2Cu3Ti4O12 ceramics
The Electrical properties and dielectric characteristics of La<inf>x</inf>Sr<inf>1−3x/2</inf>Cu<inf>3</inf>Ti<inf>4</inf>O<inf>12</inf> (x:=0.00, 0.01, 0.02, 0.04, 0.05) ceramics using conventionalExpand
Optimized dual-function varistor-capacitor ceramics of core-shell structured xBi2/3Cu3Ti4O12/(1-x)CaCu3Ti4O12 composites
Abstract xBi2/3Cu3Ti4O12/(1-x)CaCu3Ti4O12 composites were prepared by traditional solid-state reaction method. Extremely high nonlinear coefficient of 25 and breakdown field of 18.92 kV·cm−1 wereExpand