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Effect of cooling rate on solidified microstructure and mechanical properties of aluminium-A356 alloy
Abstract A fast-cooling technology using a copper mould cooled by a phase-transition medium was used to prepare cast aluminium-A356 alloy by solidification of the melt. The cooling rate achieved withExpand
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Numerical Study of In-flight Particle Parameters in Low-Pressure Cold Spray Process
A 2-D model of the low-pressure cold spray with a radial powder feeding was established using CFD software in this study. The flow field was simulated for both propellant gases of nitrogen andExpand
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Flow properties of polymer melt in longitudinal ultrasonic-assisted micro-injection molding
Microplastic parts are usually fabricated by micro-injection molding (µIM) which is an effective and low cost method. But the defects, such as short shot, often appear during fabricating plasticExpand
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Electrochemiluminescent detection of Escherichia coli O157:H7 based on Ru(bpy)3 2+/ZnO nanorod arrays.
Foodborne pathogens are perpetual threats to human and animal health. Detection of pathogens requires accurate, sensitive, rapid and point-of-care diagnostic assays. In this study, we described aExpand
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Theoretical and Experimental Studies on the Crystal Structure, Electronic Structure and Optical Properties of SmTaO4
The crystal structure, electronic structure and optical properties of SmTaO4 were identified through an experimental method and first principles calculation. X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) and aExpand
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Tungstate-Catalyzed Biomimetic Oxidative Halogenation of (Hetero)Arene under Mild Condition
Summary Aryl halide (Br, Cl, I) is among the most important compounds in pharmaceutical industry, material science, and agrochemistry, broadly utilized in diverse transformations. TremendousExpand
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Structural and Optical Properties of La1−xSrxTiO3+δ
La1−xSrxTiO3+δ has attracted much attention as an important perovskite oxide. However, there are rare reports on its optical properties, especially reflectivity. In this paper, its structural andExpand
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The first-principles study on the graphene/MoS2 heterojunction
Graphene’s Dirac point in the band structure and no current switching ratio make it hard to be used in sophisticated logic circuits. The graphene/MoS2 heterojunction, which opens the Dirac point of...
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Pressure-Induced Band Structure Evolution of Halide Perovskites: A First-Principles Atomic and Electronic Structure Study
Density functional theory-based calculations have been carried out to draw a broad picture of pressure-induced band structure evolution in various phases of organic and inorganic halide perovskite ...
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Preparation and Electrical Properties of La0.9Sr0.1TiO3+δ
La1−xSrxTiO3+δ (LST) has been studied in many fields, especially in the field of microelectronics due to its excellent electrical performance. Our previous theoretical simulated work has suggestedExpand
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