Zhu Zhiliang

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Concentrations, spatial distribution and sources of 17 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and methylnaphthalene were investigated in surface sediments of rivers and an estuary in Shanghai, China. Total PAH concentrations, excluding perylene, ranged from 107 to 1707 ng/g-dw. Sedimentary PAH concentrations of the Huangpu River were higher than those of(More)
Degree distribution lies at the heart of design an LT code. It affects the encoding and decoding complexity and error performance of LT code. In this paper, some metrics of well-design LT code such as average degree, release probability, overhead factor is analyzed. It will compare the metrics among robust LT code, sub optimal LT code and SF-LT code.(More)
This paper presents an introduction of an embedded processor-based laboratory environment monitor system and its design for hardware and software. This system aims at completing monitoring a variety of real-time data and the states of laboratory, judging environmental index automatically, and detecting intrusions from outside companied with sound and light(More)
To acquire the network topology which is complex, unknown and continually changed, automatic discovery and automatic layout can be the best reliable and effective ways. Because of the huge number of nodes, connections, and circles in backbone network, the Force-directed Placement model which is form the physical system is brought in to optimize(More)
Adsorption of humic acid (HA) and Cu(II) ontocetyl pyridinium bromide (CPB) modified zeolite was investigated in single- and binary-adsorbate systems. The equilibrium adsorption data of HA and Cu(II) onto CPB modified zeolite in the single-adsorbate system were analyzed by the Langmuir and Freundlich isotherm models. The equilibrium adsorption data were(More)
The paper analyzes traction substationpsilas structure and spare parts, product main model. It mainly studies the application of case-based reasoning (CBR) in the design of traction substation. The application adopts architecture and object-oriented presentation to represent productpsilas structure and case base. It adopts level-2 indexing to determine(More)
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