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Effect of NaCl stress on chlorophyll fluorescence parameter in leaf of five tree species seedling.
It is suggested that the adaptability of five species to NaCl stress is various, in which, the tolerance of R.pseudoacacia,T.sinensis and C.bungei to Nacl stress is stronger, and that of F.griffithii is weaker, while Q.rubra is the most sensitive to Na Cl stress. Expand
Comparative investigation of the growth and physiology characteristics for different Catalpa spp.saplings
The results showed that different Catalpa spp.had significant variance in height, diameter, length to width of leaf, leaf numbers per plant and net photosynthesis rate, and photochemistry quenching had significant positive correlation with non-photochemistry quench(NPQ) and significant negative correlation with ΦPSⅡphotochemical efficiency. Expand
Effects of drought stress on lipid peroxidation and protective enzyme systems in leaf of Toona sinensis from different provenances
Through comprehensive analysis of MDA content, activities of SOD and POD, it is concluded that provenances of T.sinensis from He'nan,Shaanxi and Jiangsu show higher drought resistance, and weak resistance are shown in the others. Expand