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An Overview on Track-before-detect Algorithms for Radar Weak Targets
The appearance of military stealth targets is a big challenge for radar detecting and tracking.Track-before-detect(TBD) algorithm is a very effective approach to solve the problem.An overview onExpand
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Long Term Coherent Integration Algorithm for Metric-band Bistatic Radar
The fourth generation fighters have the feature of stealth,supersonic and maneuvering,and detection performance of the fighters with traditional radar is bad.To solve the problem,the detectionExpand
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Estimation of the Instantaneous Frequency in High Noise Circumstance
The first moment of Cohen-frequency distribution has been commonly used to estimate the instantaneous frequency, however, it has a high variance for noise signals with low SNR. An improved algorithmExpand
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LFM Signal Detection in High Noise Circumstance
An improved algorithm based on cross Wigner-Ville distribution,which is derived for the special case where the frequency is zero in Wigner-Ville distribution (WVD) of time-frequency analysis is usedExpand
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Target tracking method using bearing information of ESM in Doppler blind zone
Inherent Doppler blind zone(DBZ) in airborne early warning radar can cause termination of target tracks and a repeated count of tracks.Aiming at solving this problem, a particle filter algorithm based on the joint state constraints combining the bearing information of ESM and DBZ information is proposed. Expand
Modeling and Simulation of Rain Clutter for Tethered Aerostat Borne Bistatic Radar
Rain clutter modeling and characteristic of the bistatic radar is studied which is composed of a transmitter on a tethered aerostat and a receiver on the ground.The geometry model of rain clutter isExpand
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A Method of Target Tracking Based on Doppler Information for Radar
An extended Kalman filtering algorithm based on Doppler prediction(DP-EKF) is proposed to solve continuous target tracking in DoppLER blind zone. Expand
A Novel Long Term Coherent Integration Algorithm for Supersonic Weak Targets
Because of the high velocity and small radar cross section(RCS) of the supersonic weak targets,traditional radar has poor detection performance on them.To solve the problem,a novel long term coherentExpand
Detection and Parameter Estimation Algorithm for Supersonic Weak Targets in 2-D Frequency Domain
The range walk of supersonic weak targets is a serious problem in the long coherent integration time.And the traditional radar has poor detection performance on the targets of this type.To solve theExpand