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In recent years, several protocols for password-based authenticated key exchange have been proposed. These protocols aim to be secure even though the sample space of passwords may be small enough to be enumerated by an off-line adversary. In Eurocrypt 2000, Bellare, Pointcheval and Rogaway (BPR) presented a model and security definition for authenticated(More)
— 1 This paper studies the security requirements for remote authentication and communication in smart grid systems. Though smart card based authentication techniques have been a successful solution for addressing key management challenges in several cryptographic authentication systems, they may not be applicable to smart grid systems. For example, in order(More)
China is one of the richest countries in the world for the diversity of its biological resources. However, China has suffered serious losses of biological resources in recent years, due to the burgeoning growth of economic globalization, international trade, and technology exchange. This comment analyzes data from ports of Entry–Exit Inspection and(More)
The paper presents a hybrid Broyden family method with global mesh refinement and high order discretization scheme because that this type methods are usually efficient and the high order discretization scheme could reduce the discretization error significantly. The method is then applied to pipeline isothermal simulation problems.
  • Yang Ying, Wei Deng, Zhu Zhao
  • 2011
The author used the FLUENT software, established fluid-solid coupled finite element models of the multi-channel flat tubes in the parallel flow air-air intercooler, adopted three-dimensional numerical analysis for heat transfer process of hot side based on the SIMPLE algorithm, And selected the different channel numbers, hydraulic diameter, respectively,(More)
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